We understand that every lawn is unique. The Lawn Doctor 2U’s scheduled fertising programs are designed to keep your lawn looking its best all year round. As a qualified greenkeeper, I have access to premium grade treatment products not available at your local hardware store.  Our fertilisers contain a range of organic elements, biological stimulants and specialist chemicals sourced from commercial  greenkeeping suppliers.


For your lawn to flourish and keep weeds at bay, lawn care must include a fine balance of nutritional supplements together with application of pre and post emergent herbicides. In some case you may also need to consider a pest control application to ensure your lawn is free from damaging insects and grubs like army worm and sod web.


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Nothing ruins the look of your yard like weeds. Often they appear to be hardier than the grass around them. Weeds can be easily avoided with regular preventative treatments applied at strategic times throughout the year.


Whether you own the worst weed-infested patch of ground in the street or need help with growing the perfect lawn, The Lawn Doctor 2 U offers affordable lawn care services that will have you enjoying your lawn year-round.



Lawn diseases and pests like army worm, cut worm, sod-web worm and white curl grub are a problem for any lawn. Understanding what you’re dealing with and acting fast is key to the survival of your lawn.​


The application of pest control chemicals to your lawn is important for ongoing care and helps keep your lawn free of harmful diseases, pests and grubs.


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We love to aerate, weed, feed and kill!

Healthy soils are full of living things like earthworms, microorganisms and plant roots. All these need air to flourish.  Aerating your lawn keeps the soil beneath your lawn healthy, allowing significantly more nutrients, moisture and oxygen to penetrate the lawn surface. 


Our Golf course grade aerator punches thousands of tiny holes into the soil. These holes relieve compaction and provide a pathway for air, water and fertiliser to better reach the root zone.


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